Barnstable, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Welcome to Craigville Village online

Craigville is a unique village on Cape Cod's south shore, enjoyed by young and old alike since its founding as a camp meeting ground in 1872.

Around a Village Green are the historic Tabernacle pictured above, private homes and the Craigville Retreat Center (formerly Conference Center). A short walk brings you to one of the best beaches in the world, Craigville Beach, on Nantucket Sound, site of the Craigville Beach Association (CBA).

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air, looking for current events in the Village or memories of past summers, a first-time visitor or a life-long resident, you are sure to find something interesting here at Craigville Village online.

Need Directions to or in Craigville? Here are a set of Directions to Craigville and a Map of the Village.

Current Events

The Craigville Retreat Center

The Craigville Retreat Center (formerly Craigville Conference Center) is managed by United Camps, Conferences and Retreats (UCCR) for the Christian Camp Meeting Association (CCMA). Craigville Retreat Center sits atop a bluff overlooking the salt marsh of Nantucket Sound and the serenity of Red Lily Pond, and accommodates up to 160 guests in a variety of lodging options. It is located in the small village of Craigville in Centerville on Cape Cod. This charming and historic retreat offers private beach access, wildlife viewing, and all the attractions of Cape Cod. You can find out more about the Craigville Retreat Center from their Website.

You can read more about the Craigville Retreat Center in recent travel articles in the Cape Cod Times and the Boston Globe.

Click here for more information on the Craigville Colloquy.

Christian Camp Meeting Association (CCMA)

You can find out about the CCMA from these brochures giving the Mission and History of the CCMA.


The CCOA is the Craigville Cottage Owners' Association. You can read more about their activities on their online Welcome Sheet.

Craigville Beach News

The CCOA is the Craigville Cottage Owners' Association. You can read more about their activities on their online Welcome Sheet.

The Craigville Tabernacle

The historic Craigville Tabernacle is used regularly for worship services, community gatherings and Craigville Retreat Center activities.

For further information on summer worship at the Tabernacle, visit the new Tabernacle website.

Red Lily Pond

The bodies of water today called Red Lily Pond and Lake Elizabeth, once the single Pink Lily Lake, form the eastern side of Craigville Village. The Ponds are home to swans, turtles, fish and much other wildlife besides their famous red pond lilies. From the Herring Run in the south through Lake Elizabeth to the quiet North Bay of Red Lily Pond, our ponds are a shimmering series of watery vistas and lush Cape Cod wetlands. You can read more about our ponds, keeping them healthy, and the wider ecology of the Craigville area in our newsletter, The Lily Pad, and in the other documents found here:

The Lily Pad for 2013.

Presentation on Atlantic Herring by Capt Raymond Kane 2012

Proposed DCPC Implementing Regulations for the Craigville Beach District in 2010

The Lily Pad: Summer 2008.

The Red Lily Pond Restoration Review 20

The Red Lily Pond Restoration Review 2008.

The Lily Pad: Summer 2007.

The Lily Pad: Spring 2007.

Past Pond Events:

Summer 2008: Deborah Koons Garcia, documentary filmmaker and widow of Jerry Garcia, spoke in Yarmouth after a showing of her movie The Future of Food, an in-depth look at the important contrast between traditional and genetically modified food crops.

Summer 2008: Red Lily Pond Project Movie Night presented 'Everything's Cool,' a 'toxic comedy' about 'fossil fool's' efforts to block climate change science. See their website for more.

Summer 2007: David Gessner, award-winning Cape Cod author of Soaring with Fidel and Return of the Osprey spoke at the Tabernacle about the osprey of our Ponds.